We specialize in the design and maintenance of gardens for both residences and all types of companies.


Through our consultancy service we provide creative recommendations for the design and maintenance of
your garden to make it a spectacle of nature.

This service is directed to residences and companies that have their own team of gardeners, to which, through periodic personalized visits, we advise them both in the technical maintenance part (fumigation, care, general recommendations) as in the design of your garden (we work with the gangs to design a plan to make the garden a nice visual proposition).




Our landscaping and design service includes conceptualization, development and aesthetic and creative recommendations for your garden.

That your garden is pleasing to the eye, functional and consistent with its environment is our approach, and we achieved this from the design of the plane and to the “staging” of the materials and resources to create a true work of art.



The basic maintenance of your garden is key to keep it in good condition.

Son Soles offers this service, which consists of cutting grass, shores, pruning, fertilization, etc